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Nutrition and Wellness


Evergreen Spa & Wellness

Nutritional Consultations &Health Assessments

We are excited to offer you the latest in health technology. Our thorough health assessments include state-of-the-art devices that help the practitioner determine nutritional deficiencies and needs and help plan a total wellness program, including diet and exercise.

In contrast to medical practice where the two key parts are diagnosis (which is identifying the disease) and treatment (which is usually in the form of drugs and surgery), the health assessments we offer do not diagnose or treat disease. Our approach consists of an analysis and a personalized health improvement program using nutrition.
We specialize in prevention and we focus on the theory “LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE” .

BIM Assessment

The BIM (Bio Electrical Impedance Measurement) Assessment uses a device (FDA registered and CE approved) to measure 58 different electrical “circuits” in your body related to specific organs and systems. BIM devices have been consistently used in medicine to non-invasively obtain important health information. Some of the more recognizable devices include the EKG and EEG used to measure heart and brain function. This Assessment determines the overall balance of the various organ systems in the body and helps correct imbalances with whole food nutrition.

The procedure is totally non-invasive (the skin is not pierced). A metal probe is touched to the skin at 58 points on your hands and feet in order to measure the electrical resistance on the skin. The assessment can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Test results are color-coded in an easy-to-understand take home report showing which systems and organs are stressed or weakened and containing  the  practitioner’s specific  findings and recommendations. The technology’s strength lies in its ability to fast and accurately establish a protocol, as well as to monitor the progress by comparing future scans/readings during follow-up visits.

Heart Rate Variability Analysis

A non-invasive, computer-based assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System and the level of Physical Fitness based on Heart Rate Variability Analysis. The system recognizes more than 70 states of Physical Fitness reflected on a chart. The evaluation is based on a lying-to-standing test. Gives a clear and precise picture of a person’s general health. This analysis is used in many medical health offices as well as the National Olympic Training Center; it accurately shows the level of physical reserves, and the ability of the body to regulate its health.

Nutrition response testing

This technique is an analysis of your body’s own neurological reflexes and strictly focuses on the Autonomic Nervous System, whose job is to regulate the function of each and every organ. After evaluating the reflexes that were found “active”, the practitioner is able to make specific nutritional recommendations to help the body return to an improved state of health. Whole food supplements are tested against weak reflexes. The practitioner is able to work out a highly personalized nutritional protocol by determining the appropriate dosage for each supplement individually.

Comprehensive Health Evaluation

To get the most benefit from our nutritional counseling services, we greatly encourage our clients to take advantage of our special offer.

A COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH EVALUATION includes all testing techniques currently offered (BIM Assessment, Heart Rate Variability Analysis & Nutrition Response Testing) which will enable us to establish the most optimal wellness protocol. This thorough health assessment is being offered to our clients at great savings. Please allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for this thorough health assessment.

Nutrition Consultations

The backbone of your healing journey! By discussing current symptoms, finding obstacles to healing, and identifying organs in need of support, treatment plans are then created that fit with your body’s particular needs.
Consultations allow for one-on-one discussion and recommendations are provided for foods and supplements that will assist the body in its ability to heal.

Meal Planning

Customized meal plans designed to fit your specific needs. Each weekly meal plan includes an outline of the week, recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snack suggestions.

Delayed Food Allergen Testing

Every person’s body is different, and it should come as no surprise that every person’s allergies are, too! Delayed food allergens trigger the IgG antibodies in the body to signal an immune response,
causing many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and mental fogginess that we so often see others struggle with.
This test pinpoints which foods help promote healing and allow your body to function as it should, and which ones are promoting disease.

*Note: This testing is conducted by a third party and requires 3-4 weeks for processing before the results are released.

Prices do not include tax or gratuity. Prices subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments are costly and take away valuable appointment time from others. Therefore, we ask that you be aware of your commitment. Appointments lasting longer than an hour will be required to provide a credit card number to reserve the space. Full charges apply unless the appointment is cancelled with a 24 hour notice.


The State of Minnesota has not adopted any educational and training standards for unlicensed complementary and alternative health care practitioners. Under Minnesota law, an unlicensed alternative health practitioner may not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend discontinuance of medically prescribed treatments. The services offered are not for the treatment, or “cure” of any disease and do not replace medical advice or treatment. Prior to the provision of any service, a client is required to read and sign  a “Complementary and Alternative Health Care Client Bill of Rights” along with a “Permission & Authorization”/”Informed Consent Agreement” form.